Sunday, 16 August 2009

Biohost - Review by an Ex Client

Received by E-mail

Seriously Avoid.

Thanks.....! Hopefully you can reply with a bit more than that folks....!


  1. I too had a bad experience with but my experience with was far worse read about it here

  2. Site promises 6 hour setup. This is not met. You have to lodge a support ticket to get setup.

    Site promised TorrentFlux 2.4 which they don't use. They use b4rt.

    Panel is very very slow to load.

    Even with b4rt, they are missing some of the options, like Az as an option.

    Owner then claims imaginary terms of service that aren't on the site anywhere when you tell him to refund because the service doesn't work.


    Their customer support is useless. They don’t meet the setup times they claim on their website. They don’t offer TF2.4 which they claim on their website. They threaten customers with legal action for posting reviews such as this (though they call it slander, when really it’s libel).

    Quite simply, stay away. Stay very far away.

  4. I've been a customer since the day they opened there doors and have had nothing but good speeds and support, either you guys are liars or are expecting something insane. And why complain about getting torrentflux b4rt? Thats a UPGRADE from torrentflux you noob.

  5. I was new to seedboxes so I decided to go with their cardboard box, I paid for 3 months. And my account was forever 'Pending' even after several support tickets. Stay away from this site.

  6. Michael Boutin the owner is a total asshole!
    My sites were down for about 3 weeks, and i lost hundreds of dollars for trying to save a few bucks in decent hosting!

    And can you guess how he reacted to me pushing him to fix my sites?

    He made me over pay 2 invoices(already paid), and HE FUCKIN BANNED MY ACCOUNT!!!

    Stay away from this scammer. Scammer in the truest sense of the word!!!!

  7. Hi, if you are unhappy with your service please contact there support as it seems alot of you are lying here as I am getting great support from them, maybe in the past they were like this but no longer are they. They even offer free trials of there rutorrent and deluge accounts for you to try so whats the harm in trying?

  8. Hello i just want to say that i pay the service on 21 of december and im still waiting the owner i guess sent me this:

    Blu B 00:51 ( 19 Hours)
    I'm away from the pc right now but I will get there as soon as possible.


  9. How i must say after a spoke with the admin my acount is working and the speeds are VERY VERY nice thanks biohost

  10. Hi, i was with them for 20days it was good for the first 5days and then the speed got capped it was so slow wouldnt pass 200KB upload and then now my UTORRENT got stuck i want them to restart the service send them ticket and no responce yet and my service gona expier soon if there fix it then i'll contiune with them if there give me the good speed back

  11. I have purchased a seed box from them (order id
    3117103950) 48 hrs ago from Biohost. Still I my account is NOT ACTIVATED. Even I have not received any mail from their (except some auto generated mails). I have opened two Support Tickets but still it's same....

    They are really into this business? If NOT why they are taking payments?

    Anyone have updates?


  12. i was with biohost for 2 years and now i have canceled. i put a support ticket in 3 weeks ago due to the server was down and not one message back. i would stay away its gone down hill.

  13. Opened and paid for seedbox account on April 9th we are June 23rd and still no seedbox..keep getting the runaround ie had problems but 'will be up and running in 24 hrs' asking me to pay 6 months in advance for a still pending seedbox