Sunday, 16 August 2009

Biohost - Personal Review

Service Uptime - 9/10
Much better in the last few months. It used to go down continuously despite calls of 99% uptime, it clearly wasn't the case. Now, I don't see it off.

Performance - 6/10
It's a torrentflux account, so don't expect anything fantastic. It's slow to add, create and delete - but the speeds are good (Typically 8MB>Down, 1.5MB up)

Support - 1/10
You get a response as you can see from the threads in previous posts, but otherwise it's pretty non-existent. Do not expect support tickets to be answered in any reasonable timeframe, and if anything goes wrong it'll be blamed on you or "technical issues" of the support tickets not getting to them. Not sure how this happens, really. WHMCS - their support ticket management always seems to have License Validation Failed errors, which despite them insisting is not the case - it is. This is a bug with WHMCS but it's something they (Biohost) won't fix.

Overall - 4/10 - But would not recommend due to Support issues. Ironing those out and actually offering responses to their clients.... it'd easily go up to an 8. To be honest, many of the clients I've spoken to have left just because of the support issues - performance isn't the problem. It's such a shame that a company which has been going more than a year suffers massively in this way.

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